A Little Blue Fish



Over a month ago The Hubs and I made the painful decision that, due to my severe allergies, it was time to find a new home for our beloved cat Sammy. Thankfully, our friends Pam and Skip adopted him and his transition into their lives has been a blessing for all of us.
That left this needy nurturer “petless.” I talk to my plants and every Friday I have a routine that includes primping each of my beautiful African Violets and my zealous ivy myplants And that’s great, but I just wanted a pet.
I love dogs but I’m selfless enough to know that our crazy lifestyle (The Hubs runs three businesses and I’m always on the run.) would not be fair to a dog. Maybe when I’m old and grey (Wait, let’s say older and greyer) I’ll get that Shih Tzu I’ve always wanted. But, not now.
Just when I thought I would live pet free, I went to Pet Smart where a nice employee named Brent helped me find the latest addition to our family – a Half Moon Beta Fish we’ve named Novie because he’s part of our wedding anniversary present to each other and we were married in November.
Call me crazy, but I love this little guy. I’ve done some research on Betas and, man, they’re interesting. Novie is a brilliant green and blue with red-tipped fronds. He naps in one of the faux plants we’ve placed in his tank. He watches me and I watch him. Just goes to show you, when your heart yearns, it finds love, and for me, this time, it’s a little blue fish.

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